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Partner with Illusorr for a vision beyond reality!

Illusorr is a virtual metaverse design platform and company that provides tools and services for building and exploring virtual worlds and immersive experiences. It aims to offer a comprehensive solution for creating and hosting virtual environments that can be used for a range of purposes, such as gaming, socializing, education, and more.



Web 3.0 Consortium

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Creative Agency

Building a brighter future together in the Illusorr Metaverse


ILLUSORR is creating multiple themed worlds built on various Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs). ILLUSORR’s first city will be built on Polygon network utalizing Matic as the city’s virtual currency.


Illusorr is a Metaverse platform offering a diverse collection of NFT-powered immersive spaces, including auditoriums, meeting rooms, clubs, homespaces, offices, retail stores, fashion runways, exhibitions, and social spaces, all equipped with interactive display units.


Illusorr offers a variety of 3D products and assets, including product display units, media gallery displays, billboards, and meeting room setups. These items are designed to enhance the virtual experiences within the Illusorr Metaverse, offering users a variety of ways to showcase their products, host events, and engage with others in the platform.


Illusorr's interoperable 3D avatars allow users to represent themselves in a virtual space with a unique and customizable digital appearance. These avatars can be used across multiple virtual platforms, providing a seamless and consistent experience for users as they navigate different virtual environments.


Get your first NFT Avatar

MetaGenus HS 1 is a rare collection of 1000 fully functional, interoperable 3D avatars, exclusively available on the Illusorr platform. The collection is designed with 5 layers, 35 customizable characteristics, and 3 categories, offering users a high level of customization and versatility.





ILLUSORR is a metaverse platform that prioritizes community, verified users, and strategic partnerships. The platform is designed to create a safe and secure virtual environment where users can interact, collaborate, and engage with others in a variety of immersive experiences. By verifying users and establishing partnerships with reputable companies, Illusorr ensures the quality and reliability of its virtual offerings and the protection of its users' assets. The focus on community and strategic partnerships helps drive growth and engagement in the platform, fostering a thriving virtual ecosystem.


ILLUSORR’s metaverse engine is a powerful tool that leverages procedural technology to create and manage virtual experiences within the Illusorr Metaverse. This technology allows for the efficient and dynamic creation of virtual environments, assets, and interactions, enabling the platform to quickly respond to user demand and scale to meet the needs of a growing community. By utilizing procedural tools, the Illusorr engine provides a flexible and customizable platform for virtual experiences, delivering a high level of quality and realism to users.


Illusorr offers a comprehensive creative design studio that allows brands and individuals to create engaging virtual experiences within the Illusorr Metaverse. With its user-friendly tools and diverse range of features, the studio makes it simple to design and build virtual spaces, products, and events. Brands can leverage the studio to transition into the metaverse and reach a new, wider audience. The creative design studio gives brands the capability to bring their ideas to life and connect with the metaverse community. It serves as a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds, providing brands with new opportunities and access to a broader audienc


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