About Us

ILLUSORR is the world’s first design-oriented metaverse platform. Transitioning the physical world to the virtual world by creating unique spaces and experiences. ILLUSORR is reimagining the once fragmented virtual reality industry as an all-in-one platform offering a fully immersive metaverse experience. Accessible via PC, VR, AR, Web, Console, Tablet and Mobile, it will offer customizable avatars, NFT marketplace, verification, social interactivity, home spaces, communities, retail, events, virtual estate, and much more.


In addition to building a metaverse platform, ILLUSORR Creation also helps brands, public figures, corporations, and government clients to transition to the metaverse, working with companies such as BMW, ABB, and Hermitage Museum. The ILLUSORR Team is currently located in over 10 countries, across 4 continents - a diverse group of experts, delivering high quality projects, connecting through the metaverse.