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Virtual Environments

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Virtual Environment is taught by Oleg Soroko. Virtual Environment is a workshop primarily focused on the employment of Gaea in the construction of virtual terrains. With Gaea's procedural simplicity, its erosive processes and adaptive workflow, any shape can thus be turned into an exquisitely detailed terrain. Exported onto Houdini XF, participants are to construct a fully detailed scene, animated with the characters created in “Procedural Characters” that can be uploaded to Sansar. Oleg Soroko’s work focuses on parametric art and design influencing innovation in various sectors including a wide range of objects such as cars, clothing, furniture etc. Whilst some of Oleg’s renowned work is more conceptual and print-based, some employ novelty in different digital fabrication techniques be it through CNC machines or 3D printers. Title: Virtual Environments Sessions: 3 Parts Tutor: Oleg Soroko Software: Houdini FX, GAEA, Sansar, Unreal Engine

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