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Virtual Capsules

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Virtual Capsules is taught by Zeynep Topal. Virtual Capsules is a workshop focused on the design of ILLUSORR landing homes in VR through procedural workflow. Through Houdini FX, participants will generate functional spaces, art-directed and optimized for the Virtual platform. Participants will thus be able to construct a full scene and showcase it in the metaverse. Zeynep Topal, an architect specialized in computational design and based in Istanbul, aims to further explore the conception of futuristic architectural aesthetic using parametric tools. Having claimed recognition for her initiative ZETZ DEZIGN, she now employs her knowledge of procedural art, generative design in fields beyond architecture, such as product design and jewelry. Title: Virtual Capsules Sessions: 3 Parts Tutor: Zeynep Topal Software: Houdini FX

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