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Experience the power of three: Optima's consortium of The Salon, Sensory, and Syndicate

Optiverse is divided into 4 primary zones that represent the 3 orbits of Optima along with a central zone: Syndicate, Sensory, The Salon, and Optima Orbits. These zones house the different experiences available in Optiverse, in order to ease the navigability and orientation of the virtual world.

The Hall

Optima Orbits Hall is the main administrative zone of Optiverse, and is spread across 5 floors which are accessible via standard navigation or through teleportation.


Trade Center

The trade center showcases the possibilities of web3 technology through its NFT Club membership program. Users can purchase NFTs from the club to access these benefits and explore the full potential of web3.


Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall designed to explore and visualize the NFTs in the metaverse holographic projections, capsules, and interactive dashboards.


The Chambers

The chamber is a meeting space evidently unique in its aesthetic sensibilities, complete with personal monitors for each user, and large screens to share and display.



The gallery has a mixture of 2D and 3D display units to showcase different types of NFTs, with the ability to view NFT in different media formats.


Transcending traditional boundaries by synergic value creation together through the symphony of synchronicity. Optima blends disciplines, crossgenerations, sectors and geographies, energizing to cultivate many mesmerizing molecular moments manifesting in momentum.


Atelier is a virtual meta office space that inspires creativity and innovation. With its futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, it provides a unique environment for businesses and individuals to work, collaborate, and bring their ideas to life.



Farm is an enchanting meta space that unites the charm of a museum, the imagination of a gallery, and the practicality of a store. It's a sanctuary where concepts are fostered and brought to life, a hub of creativity where fabrication is celebrated.



A dynamic space offers a unique and flexible environment for video and audio production, creating limitless possibilities for content creation.



The Lounge is a playful space that is public and can be used for small gatherings and meet and greets. This space is public, accessible to members, without invitation by admins.


Sensory is an integrated design-concept hub that is felt and driven by innovation, affiliating with creativity at large. In the intersection of Art, Architecture and Engineering, Sensory develops innovative concepts for bespoke projects. By having the power of a multi-disciplinary cross-sectoral team, Sensory is capable to deliver any kind of creative idea from concept to project.