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Syndicate's metaverse project includes three distinct worlds: Capital, Venture, and Syndicate. Each of these spaces offers users a unique set of tools to meet, share their screen, present, share their cameras, lock the room, invite others, and host events. In the Capital world, users can access the latest news, trends, and insights on the financial industry, while in the Venture world, they can explore investment opportunities and connect with potential investors. Finally, in the Syndicate world, users can network with like-minded entrepreneurs, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects.

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Deal space is optimized for startups to pitch to investors, fully configured with desks and screens.



The Venture is a cutting-edge virtual space designed for confidential meetings. With two facing meeting rooms, the futuristic and sci-fi atmosphere is customizable and equipped with interactive screens and tablets.



Capital is a confidential and private virtual bank that offers private communication and access to secure backrooms equipped with equipped with material, as well as encrypted recordings.



Deal is completely private, discrete, confidential, and available for private conversations with access to backroom equipped with material, as well as encrypted recordings. The Deal is private and can be locked, there is a record button, as well as ability to share content between users. There will be 3 parties in the deal; Startups, Investors, and the Optima team. The space is optimized for startups to pitch to investors, fully configured with desks and screens. Escape room (ie silent room) will allow investors (or founders) to go and deliberate in private, fully accommodating with chairs and tables. The deal room will accommodate 2 screens, and a concrete/steel/glass/wood finish to give a minimalistic aesthetic and invite fluid and seamless interactions and deals; where startups as for for money, and investors ask for equity.


Gallery Wall

The Gallery Wall is a feature in the metaverse that provides an immersive experience for users to showcase their digital assets.

3D Map

This is a visual interactive representation of the 3D world that users can navigate to explore different areas.

Product Capsule

A product capsule is a small, display unit for showcasing specific digital assets. These capsules can be customized and arranged to suit the user's needs.

Interactive floor

The interactive floor is an area of the gallery that allows users to engage with the digital assets in a more dynamic and immersive way.

Product Display Unit

A product display unit is a larger, more prominent area for showcasing digital assets. This could include 3D renderings, videos, or other interactive elements.

Meeting Room

The meeting room generator is a feature that allows users to create private meeting rooms for more intimate and focused discussions.

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