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ILLUSORR Builds STANDBY ME's Office in the Metaverse

ILLUSORR has built a fully functional office space for STANDBY ME in the metaverse. STANDBY ME, our meta-agency partner, has completely moved all of its office processes there, and will now hold meetings and Happy Hours in their own metaverse office.

Collaborating with ILLUSORR in the past months, STANDBY ME announced that they established Turkey's first metaverse agency. Standing apart from its competitors around the world by having its own blockchain-based and design-centered metaverse infrastructure, STANDBY ME allows brands to create metaverse infrastructures or to realize branded experiences, spaces, designs and collaborations within its existing infrastructure.

Now, taking things to the next level, STANDBY ME has announced that it will now manage all office processes through its own metaverse office. The agency will hold all its meetings, brief and debrief processes with brands, team conversations and most importantly Happy Hours in its own metaverse office.

Agency president Can Yurdakul said, “We start the transformation from ourselves first! We moved our office, our website, and our study materials to Metaverse and let our customers experience it as well. In the process where the stories in marketing and communication will turn from being watched to being lived, from telling to being designed, we have our own company to produce creative, economical and ecological projects for the Metaverse & Multiverse universes and to lead the transformation of the marketing world." He also conveyed that it is vital that they have a metaverse infrastructure.

Linking the agency website to the metaverse, STANDBY ME also became the world's first agency to carry all end-to-end process management to a decentralized infrastructure.



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