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ILLUSORR Is Featured In An Article

ILLUSORR was featured in an article by Marina Azcárate, titled "Is It Worth Getting Into The Metaverse For My Company?", and published in The Next Cartel.


Remember when companies used to leave their social media presence in the hands of whatever summer intern was unlucky enough to book the job? Up until not so long ago the corporate dismissal of the value of online presence and engagement was palpable. And now, many of those very businesses are playing catch up trying to solidify their brand’s identities on social media. The same goes for those who didn’t see the dominance of mobile phone’s taking over desktops coming, many still don’t. Well, this is what is happening with the metaverse right now.

People judge its current state and fail to see the difference between the metaverse and Minecraft. They don’t see the immersive land they were promised, and thus are incapable of appreciating the building blocks of what could become an imperative element to most ventures.



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