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ILLUSORR was featured in an article by Nadja Sayej, titled "How Architects are Making Their Way Into the Metaverse", and published in


It’s more than architects designing for virtual spaces, however. One metaverse is especially design-forward. ILLUSORR, which calls itself “the world’s first meta-architecture and technology company,” was built for architects.

According to Faisal U-K, an architectural designer who is the research director at ILLUSORR, it’s a complex issue.

“Architects are experts in organizing social functions within space; every urban landscape, building, structure, piece of furniture, or component that an architect designs is to aid human social functions within space,” U-K said. “This space includes virtual space, because most of human social functions and interactions are moving to the metaverse, and we have a near infinite number of spaces that need to be designed. It takes an architect to understand that light fixtures are not needed in the metaverse. Structural columns are unnecessary in a world with no gravity or physical laws.”

At the same time, architects need to understand that VR glasses can cause nausea, depending on how you design a space.

“At ILLUSORR, we take this very seriously, as the world’s first meta-architecture and technology company, and the world’s leading design-oriented metaverse company,” U-K added. “Design is our priority on all frontiers, and we work with neuroscientists, psychologists and geneticists, to make sure we are creating the best human experiences as we transition civilization into the age of the metaverse.”

On the company website, they explain that it isn’t a glorified video game: “Our spaces are not replicas of real spaces, or cartoonish environments, they are optimized designs of the future.”

Designers are invited to create their own virtual space in one of five categories, which includes retail spaces, galleries, an auditorium and more, using their latest modeling techniques. From there, each individual space can be used to host an event, whether it’s a talk, a fashion show, music event or product launch.

“These events can be fully customized with company branding, logos, themes, and even links embedded for video streams or direct purchases,” the company claimed. They’ve worked with BMW to virtually launch their iX car, for example.



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