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ILLUSORR Is Launching Meta-Assets and Metaverse Experiences

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a series of meta-assets and metaverse experiences. MetaGenus HS 1 is the first of a series of NFT projects that ILLUSORR is launching in collaboration with Verified Creators Zeynep, Aman, and Pedro.

Meta-assets are virtual objects that can range in scale and are one of the most important components of the metaverse. All the virtual contents of the metaverse are meta-assets, from avatars, to furniture, to spaces, to vehicles.

All ILLUSORR meta-assets adhere to the 4 fundamental guiding principles we believe will foster the best result for a well curated open metaverse:

Designed By Verified Creators

Each meta-asset on the ILLUSORR platform is designed and/or curated by a Verified Creator that has been approved by ILLUSORR. This sets a very high standard for meta-assets, and allows creators from a variety of fields to generate income by creating commissioned projects for users and brands. These meta-assets are designed with the latest methodologies in avant-garde architecture, using generative design, procedural modeling and other techniques used in the frontiers of the design fields. Users can be guaranteed the highest quality, high fidelity, high-poly assets unique to the ILLUSORR design language and our Verified Creators.

User Ownership Is Protected

All NFTs, fungible assets, and co-owned assets will be fully protected on the ILLUSORR platform, so that no other users can plagiarize, steal, or use assets without the full, appropriate permission of the owner/s.

Functional In The Metaverse

Every ILLUSORR meta-asset (especially NFTs) will be fully functional in the metaverse. The NTFs will be packaged with 2D images and animations for sharing on social media, but will come with fully rigged and animated 3D models ready to use in the metaverse.

Interoperable On All Platforms

All ILLUSORR meta-assets will be sold in file formats that can be transferred and used on all platforms in the metaverse. These will be developed in accordance with the guidelines by The Metaverse Standards Forum.

The meta-assets on the ILLUSORR Platform can be used, owned, bought, sold, and traded by users and partnering brands in various ways, all through their respective smart contracts. To learn more about ILLUSORR's meta-assets, access the whitepaper here.

The first ILLUSORR NFT project will usher the world into a new phase of NFT projects at a dire time. NFTs are currently very popular as images and digital artworks that hold value, which could increase or decrease depending on multiple factors. The really good projects also come with extremely valuable utilities. ILLUSORR’s MetaGenus HS 1 will transform the industry into the future and full potential of NFTs: meta-assets that are fully functional in the metaverse. “The First 1000” will be a range of uniquely designed avatars that will forever be remembered as the first 1000 avatars made by ILLUSORR, as it is etched in the blockchain. Each avatar will have rarities of different degrees, and each avatar will be numbered from 1-1000.

This collection will be the only set of avatars ILLUSORR ever creates for sale as an NFT, fungible asset, or otherwise, that is not categorized under a specific theme, for a specific experience. These avatars will be extremely unique in that sense and are very adaptable to all the different themes and experiences.

Each holder of MetaGenus HS 1 will also be airdropped 4 free ILLUBeings (1 of each theme).

MetaGenus HS 1 is taking NFTs to another level, pushing the potential of the technology and utility of these assets to give them real value in the metaverse. To do so, various stats, features, and utilities are included:


5 Layers Per NFT Avatar

7 Unique Traits Per Layer

1000 Generative NFT Avatars

Each NFT Avatar includes rarity based on traits


MetaGenus HS 1 NFT holders will benefit from various perks and utilities, which will increase in number over time, from priority access and drops, to platform launches and events:


Every MetaGenus HS 1 NFT will be fully functional in the metaverse to use as an avatar.


Every MetaGenus HS 1 NFT will also enable priority access to Alpha and Beta Releases and other focus group testings of the ILLUSORR Metaverse platform.


Every MetaGenus HS 1 NFT holder will be airdropped 4 new avatars each, during the public minting of the next avatar project ILLUBeings, and automatically whitelisted for all future NFT collections.


MetaGenus HS 1 NFT holders get priority access to special events including parties with world renowned DJs, workshops with experts, and meet and greets with celebrities and influencers.


MetaGenus HS 1 NFT holders get free access to all ILLUSORR Education current and future courses, via an exclusive Diamond Membership.


ILLUSORR collaborated with 3 verified creators for the MetaGenus HS 1 collection. Together we developed this collection to the highest standards.


Lead Designer - Zeynep Topal

Computational Researcher - Aman Sasan

Computational Researcher - Pedro Rodríguez

Zeynep Topal is a developing architect and computational designer based in Istanbul. Her initiative called ZETZDEZIGN where she shares her conceptual works pointing towards a futuristic architectural aesthetic utilizing computational tools. She has a multidisciplinary design approach where she engages herself with procedural art, generative design, visual art. She has been producing works based on these particular understandings while she tries to build a connection between present and future aesthetics and experiences to implement her design understanding into fields from small to large scales. She has taught procedural design at several workshops and been a part of DesignMorphine’s Master of Science in Computational and Advanced Design Degree (MSc CAD) program. She is currently working as a computational designer at ILLUSORR where the scope of the work is to create virtual experiences.

Aman is a Computational Design Enthusiast and has a B.Arch, M.A.Arch, and MsCaD. He is a Designer with an expertise in computation and proceduralism. Always open for exploring and finding innovative techniques for design. Currently researching and investing in the Metaverse.

Pedro Venegas-Rodríguez is an Architect, Professor, Procedural and Computational Designer based in Lima, Peru. He holds an MSc in Computational and Advanced Design from DesignMorphine Program. He’s the co-founder of L.I.M.A. A computational design laboratory based in Lima, Peru where he explores the limits of digital tools through digital prototypes and digital fabrication. He also works as Professor at DesignMorphine’s Master Program, and Professor at Tech Department in Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (P.U.C.P.). Procedural Designer at Exolve and Verified Creator at ILLUSORR, he’s pushing the boundaries of digital design through digital procedural tools.



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