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Meet The Verified Creators Designing ILLUSORR's Meta-Assets

Meta-assets are virtual objects that can range in scale and are one of the most important components of the metaverse. All the virtual contents of the metaverse are meta-assets, from avatars, to furniture, to spaces, to vehicles. The meta-assets on the ILLUSORR Platform can be used, owned, bought, sold, and traded by users and partnering brands in various ways, all through their respective smart contracts.

All ILLUSORR meta-assets adhere to the 4 fundamental guiding principles we believe will foster the best result for a well curated open metaverse: Designed By Verified Creators; User Ownership Is Protected; Functional In The Metaverse; and Interoperable On All Platforms.

Each meta-asset on the ILLUSORR platform is designed and/or curated by a Verified Creator that has been approved by ILLUSORR. This sets a very high standard for meta-assets, and allows creators from a variety of fields to generate income by creating commissioned projects for users and brands. These meta-assets are designed with the latest methodologies in avant-garde architecture, using generative design, procedural modeling and other techniques used in the frontiers of the design fields. Users can be guaranteed the highest quality, high fidelity, high-poly assets unique to the ILLUSORR design language and our Verified Creators.

We’re pleased to welcome Leon Krykhtin as a Verified Creator on the ILLUSORR Platform !

Leonid Krykhtin is an architect and a multidisciplinary designer based in London and Shanghai. Previously he worked at the office of Zaha Hadid Architects from 2012 to 2019. He has over 15 years of experience in the practice of architecture and design. Leonid is specializing in cultural buildings as well as commercial and private residential sector, both architecture and interiors. He also gained good experience in master-planning, tall towers, and retail sector such as shopping malls, boutiques, and restaurants.

Prior to joining Zaha Hadid Architects, Leonid worked in international offices such as RMJM, SHCA, Group Dyer, UNK Project, and others. He realized projects around the world, and has extensive experience both in design and professional practice of architecture. While he was working at UNK Project studio, Leonid’s office design for the lighting company ‘Light and Design’ received the Best Office Awards Prize in 2010. Leonid also received prizes and became a finalist in numerous international design competitions such as A- Design Award in 2018, MIC (Masters In Creativity) in 2018, Saul Bell Design Prize 2018, LG OLED Space Design 2018, and SBID Award in Product Design category 2019.

Mr. Krykhtin is specialized in parametric design, generative design, computational form-finding, and complex 3D architectural geometry, Virtual Reality design and VR presentation techniques and methodologies. Digital fabrication is also one of his long standing interests and experiences. He realized many projects using various advanced digital fabrication techniques where digital files were used to be manufactured by robotic CNC milling, 3D printing, vacuum forming, injection molding, casting and others.

Leonid Krykhtin worked as a Design Director at an architecture studio in Shanghai where he was responsible for all major ground-breaking designs of the office.

Since 2013, Leonid has been branching out into other design fields to pursue his professional ambitions. Product design, fashion design, and the creation of artworks have given him new opportunities to explore a cross-disciplinary approach to design, thereby expanding his creative repertoire. He strongly believes that drawing from different disciplines, he can enrich projects through the crossbreeding of design techniques, uses of materials, and modes of production. To Leonid, this is one of the meanings of innovation.

We’re pleased to welcome Michal Prekop as a Verified Creator on the ILLUSORR Platform !

Senior graphic designer with more than 18 years of experience who worked with many design studios and clients from Europe and NYC. Founder of SkitRobots and Skitverse.

We’re pleased to welcome Assem Attia as a Verified Creator on the ILLUSORR Platform !

Assem Attia is an Architect & Computational designer interested in complex geometries, generative design, and exploring the ability to connect various design workflows with computational strategies. Assem holds a Master’s degree in M.Sc. CAD from DesignMorphine and a B.Arch. He is enthusiastic about geometrical design and using parametric modeling in order to facilitate design project complexities. He is accomplished with hands-on experience designing buildings, interiors, and landscapes.

We’re pleased to announce our very own Computational Designer Zeynep Topal as a Verified Creator on the ILLUSORR Platform !

Zeynep Topal is a developing architect and computational designer based in Istanbul. Her initiative called ZETZDEZIGN where she shares her conceptual works pointing towards a futuristic architectural aesthetic utilizing computational tools. She has a multidisciplinary design approach where she engages herself with procedural art, generative design, visual art. She has been producing works based on these particular understandings while she tries to build a connection between present and future aesthetics and experiences to implement her design understanding into fields from small to large scales. She has taught procedural design at several workshops and been a part of DesignMorphine's Master of Science in Computational and Advanced Design Degree (MSc CAD) program. She is currently working as a computational designer at ILLUSORR where the scope of the work is to create virtual experiences.

We’re pleased to welcome Aman Sasan as a Verified Creator on the ILLUSORR Platform !

Aman is a Computational Design Enthusiast and has a B.Arch, M.A.Arch, and MsCaD. He is a Designer with an expertise in computation and proceduralism. Always open for exploring and finding innovative techniques for design. Currently researching and investing in the Metaverse.

We’re pleased to welcome Pedro Venegas Rodríguez as a Verified Creator on the ILLUSORR Platform !

Pedro Venegas-Rodríguez is an Architect, Professor, Procedural and Computational Designer based in Lima, Peru. He holds an MSc in Computational and Advanced Design from DesignMorphine Program. He’s the co-founder of L.I.M.A. A computational design laboratory based in Lima, Peru where he explores the limits of digital tools through digital prototypes and digital fabrication. He also works as Professor at DesignMorphine’s Master Program, and Professor at Tech Department in Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (P.U.C.P.). Procedural Designer at Exolve and Verified Creator at ILLUSORR, he’s pushing the boundaries of digital design through digital procedural tools.


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