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5N1D of the metaverse discovered at C Level Club

ILLUSORR's Co-founder / Executive Director Begüm Aydınoğlu joined the Metaverse Summit on Thursday 17th February, along with Unilever and Standby ME.

Metaverse, one of the most exciting topics on the agenda, was discussed in all its aspects at the Marketing Turkey C Level Club meeting, where the most current issues of the marketing world were discussed with seminal presentations. In cooperation with STANDBY ME, the world's first full-service agency with its own metaverse infrastructure, and ILLUSORR, the world's first design-oriented metaverse technology company, “Why should brands be in the metaverse, how should they create an experience?” sought answers to questions. Can Yurdakul, STANDBY ME Founder & CEO and Founding Member of Metaverse Union, Unilever Digital Hub Director Eda Kırali and ILLUSORR Co-Founder and Executive Director, Architect and Meta-Architect Begüm Aydınoğlu were among the speakers of the C Level Club. The meeting, where the leading CEOs and CMOs of the business world were invited, was held on February 17 in Salt Galata.

✓ Meta-assets can come in all scales and sizes and can be sold or issued as NFTs. It can also do this through AR filters or any other media that will promote a unique brand identity. More importantly, they are just as valuable as physical products and could soon become even more valuable. Value is determined by how much others are willing to pay for certain products/services, and people will understand that virtual goods can be carried anywhere, accessed anywhere and used 24/7, unlike physical products that have limitations due to weight.

✓ Meta events are the future of social gatherings as evidenced by the COVID-19 induced quarantine. Every social event has been redesigned to take place in the metaverse. Talk shows, fashion shows, exhibitions, parties, launch events can all be organized as a meta-event. These events are fully customizable with company branding, logos, themes and even embedded links for video streams or direct purchases.

✓ It is more important than ever to develop experiences and marketing strategies that focus on the metaverse in order to maximize creativity and realize the right and sustainable collaborations with brands. At this point, as ILLUSORR, as a global partner on the side of serving the creative economy, we design and execute projects together with STANDBY ME, the world's first full-range metaverse creative agency.

Who attended the “ 5N1D of the Metaverse ” meetup?

  • Hakan Atalay, General Manager of Adidas

  • Akbank Brand and Communications President Beril Alakoç

  • Ömer Barbaros Yiş, General Manager of LC Waikiki E-commerce

  • LC Waikiki Assistant General Manager Consumer Insights & Communications Nihal Gül

  • Nazim Erdogan, CMO of

  • TAV Operations CMO Aylin Alpay

  • Gül Sağır Aydın, Assistant General Manager of Hopi Product Management, Marketing and CRM

  • Quantum Research Founder Volkan Kılıç

  • Securitas COO Memet Hanlıoğlu

  • Olga Yılmaz, Barer Holding Corporate Marketing Manager

  • TVEkstra General Manager Merve Puhaloğlu Eraslanoğlu

  • Kimberly Clark / Kotex CMO Orjin Ibar

  • Serpil Berkan, CMO of Mavi Jeans

  • Philips Head of Marketing Trade Hatice Vanlıoğlu

  • Is Sanat Art Director Defne Turac

  • Cüneyt Devrim, CEO of Havas Istanbul,

  • BluTv CMO Merve Naz Atmaca

  • Hero Turkey Marketing Director Şirin Işık

  • Zorlu Property Assistant Marketing Manager Şura Berber

  • Muratbey Communications and Business Development Director Gülnur Uluğ

C Level Club, an information and networking platform established by Marketing Turkey in 2012 for high-level marketing communication professionals, brings together the sector professionals who shape the marketing communication sector in Turkey six times a year. It aims to inform about Continuing to provide insight to the sector with the events it organizes every year since 2012, C Level Club focuses on content that will change the business models and shape the future strategies of institutions.


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