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We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with STANDBY ME, the first meta-agency to bring brands into the metaverse.

STANDBY ME is a meta-agency initiated by STANDBY CREATIVE GROUP, a full-service integrated creative agency based in Istanbul. They represent some of the world's most recognized brands, such as: Unilever, Algida, Cornetto, Domestos, Dove, Knorr, Lipton, Magnum, Philips, Allianz, Emaar, and many more.

Launching Turkey's first metaverse agency in the past few months, STANDBY ME is very pleased with the initial contacts and opinions after the launch. Founder & CEO Can Yurdakul, speaking on this new venture, said, “The metaverse universe, which is considered to be quite abstract both as a concept and as an investment for the majority, is exciting to talk about, but seen early to be constructed and thought to be adapted late in the Turkish market, to get such a rapid reaction by brands and investors, made us, our partner ILLUSORR and our global consultants very happy. We would like to thank these structures and their people as brave as we are.”

"The main opportunity that will distinguish us from both our global and local competitors is the collaboration with our creative partner, ILLUSORR, who have been investing and working on the concept of meta for years, and the design-oriented, blockchain-based metaverse universe they created for the first time in the world. In other words, we are able to enable our brands to create their metaverse infrastructures and communities, rather than providing ideas on how they should position and invest in the currently expected process. At this point, we distinguish ourselves from both our global competitors and our local competitors, which will open their eyes in the coming days."

"Moving forward from being an independent agency, we opened STANDBY ME's headquarters in London as a global venture. Our goal will be to set the rules of the concept of "meta agency" on a global scale. Our main goal will be to overcome the limits of "creativity" and "communication" transformation between metaverse and multiverse universes. In the process that we started with England, we will be in many centers of the world in the future."

"As STANDBY ME, we divided our corporate and sectoral goals into two phases. In the first phase, we provide services to our brands and investors such as branded meta experience design, NFT production & marketing, avatar/item creation & consultancy, community universes creation & management, metaoffice design & management. In the second phase, metaverse investment consultancy, decentralized business model design; We will also start providing services such as coin, token generation & financial consultancy. We aim to launch our second phase services in the last quarter of 2022."

"In the coming period, we will develop a different approach for NFT communities and platforms. We will also develop a different approach for NFT communities and platforms, which are nowadays called the investment vehicle of the future or the new form of community management. The front of the NFT market, which is the concept that creators and investors have adapted the fastest, especially in 2021, is quite clear. In this category, where adaptation continues intensively, our efforts to integrate the dynamics into a more “mass” perception will take their place in the sector very soon. We will witness the NFT reflections of the "ME" age together through our project, which will enable communities to come to the fore and individual creators/investors to form a collaboration."

"We are preparing for a unique coin project for the blockchain-based finance world, which has proven itself as a player that has changed the financial balances in the world, which has been adopted by the people of Turkey especially in recent years. Our R&D has been working for two years to provide different opportunities and benefits in this category. In the near future, we will take place in the blockchain world with an original coin project. We are making breakthroughs that will excite our brands and future brands in this process. We continue to work in collaboration with our investors, partners and brands to breathe new life into the concept of value investment."

"We will soon publish our white paper in which we will declare the foundations, rationales, goals and investment opportunities of all our projects. We believe that the power comes from unity in this market, which will reach trillions of dollars in the coming years. We know that we will increase this power even more with stakeholders who believe in us, produce together with us, make investments and act boldly."

"In line with the work of our partner ILLUSORR, our global consultants and our team, 2022 will be a very exciting year for both us and the industry! We will be very happy to introduce you to members of our team with different abilities.''



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