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The Reality of Virtual-ness of the Metaverse - Horasis USA Meeting 2022

ILLUSORR's Co-founder / Executive Director Begüm Aydınoğlu joined the Horasis panel to discuss the metaverse alongside Unity's Senior Vice President Dave Rhodes, and CEO/Founder of LevelEx Sam Glassenberg.

Big-tech and venture capitalists are betting on a super-platform embracing social media, video games, ease-of-life-style apps all accessible through a shared digital economy. Sounds like utopia – but where are the workers for dirty jobs? These mining, refining, transforming and building are all tasks needed to keep us safe and warm – who can do this digitally? Prick the digital skin and its universe deflates – how can this sustain life?

• Begum Aydinoglu, Co-founder, ILLUSORR, Canada

• Sam Glassenberg, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Level Ex, USA

• Dao Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, Kaizen Tech Partners, USA

• Andrew McGregor, Director and Founder, Oomvelt Research, USA

• Dave Rhodes, Senior Vice President, Unity, USA Chaired by

• Amy Peck, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, EndeavorVR, USA


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