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TRT World Forum NEXT: Metaverse Design Powerhouse

ILLUSORR's Co-founders Sara El Jamal, Begüm Aydınoğlu, and Faisal U-K, were guest speakers at the TRT World Forum NEXT, along with STANDBY ME Meta Agency Founder / CEO Can Yurdakul, discussing the topic titled "Metaverse Design Powerhouse".


Metaverse Design Powerhouse

Moderator: Elif Bereketli


Sara El Jamal Co-founder and CEO, ILLUSORR Begüm Aydinoglu Co-founder and COO, ILLUSORR Faisal U-K Co-founder and Research Director, ILLUSORR Can Yurdakul Founder and CEO, STANDBY ME

Metaverse is where people, objects, and dreams will live through digital representatives, and it is considered the next successor of the internet. It offers three-dimensional and immersive experiences between the senses. Conceptually, it is one of the subjects that people are most curious about. Why is it so crucial for our future to design end-to-end Metaverse experiences? What skills and capabilities feed Metaverse Design Powerhouse? Two pioneers of the industry, STANDBY ME, world's first meta agency, and ILLUSORR, world's first design-oriented metaverse technologies company, bridge the gap between our understanding of this new creative discipline, technology, and architecture. Let's explore the NEXT big thing on designing the future for good!

For the past 2 years, TRT World Forum events have been held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But NEXT was held physically!

NEXT covered a wide range of topics, including space travel, metaverse, blockchain, post-pandemic social recovery, climate change, sustainable future and more!

NEXT also introduced attendees to themed workshops, including VR illustration, report, analysis and news writing, NFT creation and more!

About Next

NEXT by TRT World Forum aims to provide an international platform where young pioneering journalists, academics, activists, NGO members and entrepreneurs can voice and exchange ideas while addressing the most controversial issues of our time to shape a more inclusive and sustainable future. Within this framework, Next by TRT World Forum encourages and inspires young people to take responsibility in shaping the future and building a sustainable world by combining their experiences and skills.

The interactions provided with the speakers and participants during the event will be maintained by extending the event activities throughout the year. Substantial outcomes will be delivered via projects and workshops organized throughout the event. Moreover, in line with the mission of TRT World Forum, we aim to bring together a diversity of voices and provide a platform for discussing the most important issues in our rapidly changing world.

About Next Event

NEXT by TRT World Forum, which took place on May 14, 2022, featured panels that discussed what awaits us in the future while also seeking answers to some of today’s most interesting and pressing questions. A range of issues, from climate change to space tourism, from the latest advances in technology to society regression, and from instant consumption content to sustainable business models, were debated at NEXT by TRT World Forum! In this context, topics that have already had an impact today and concern the future were presented to the participants of NEXT through interactive and eye-opening events.

For a unique experience, NEXT by TRT World Forum also included an NFT Workshop, metaverse experiences, exclusive interviews, board games, a news studio, social media corner and workshop areas for the participants. While having the chance to meet the speakers on the main stage for exciting discussions, the unique event experience continued throughout the day in the foyer area!



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