Instructed by Javier Ruiz, “Architectural Elements” is a procedural modeling workshop that explores different typologies, structures and textures. This course employs two different digital tools: Modo for Mesh modeling and Houdini FX for Procedural modeling. With Modo, the participants will learn to recognize the typology of the mesh and to mold it into the desired form. Houdini FX, provided with the computational techniques to be taught, will allow the participants to import their meshes to start procedural modeling generating different textures. Javier Ruiz, founder of Softbiome, an independent educational platform created for the research and development of speculative architectures, is also a Senior Teaching Fellow in Design at The Bartlett School of Architecture and an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Experimental Architecture of the University of Innsbruck. Javier has also been involved in research projects exhibited in Centre Pompidou in Paris and at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York. With a notable start working with Foster+Partners, Grimshaw Architects, and Crab Studio, Javier is now running design workshops around the world.

Architectural Elements


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