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Electrifying the Metaverse with Crypto Rave and Illusorr: The Ultimate Fusion of Music and Art



Illusorr has joined forces with Crypto Rave, a music metaverse company, to bring a cutting-edge club experience to the Illusorr Metaverse. The collaboration will merge Illusorr's expertise in virtual world design and Crypto Rave's knowledge in creating immersive music experiences, resulting in an unforgettable club experience within the metaverse. This partnership will bring together the best of both worlds and offer users a unique and exciting virtual experience unlike anything they've seen before.

Experience the Future of Sound: Crypto Rave x ILLUSORR

A fully immersive metaverse & avatars experience for Artists, Fans & Brands

“Crypto Rave” is the first NFT based EDM Record Label releasing music worldwide & developing new music & art direction devoted to the Crypto World & Metaverse, uniting Producers & Digital Artists in the incredilble NFT collaborations


Oleg Soroko
Sara El Jamal

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