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In partnership with DIFC Fintech Hive, Emirates NBD launched a global campaign calling for applications from leading FinTechs, digital experience startups and emerging technology players operating across the metaverse landscape to enhance our immersion in the virtual world.



Illusorr participated in the campaign to bring bank's innovative vision to the metaverse. Designed to align with Dubai's forward-thinking approach, this collaboration will leverage the latest trends to create a captivating and memorable customer experience.

Unleashing creativity, driving innovation into the metaverse

Illusorr continues to innovate and bring new ideas to the metaverse space, showcasing their imaginative and practical approach to making the transition into this new reality seamless and impactful.

Emirates NBD Bank PJSC is Dubai's government-owned bank and is one of the largest banking groups in the Middle East in terms of assets.

A Design-Oriented Metaverse Company.


Sara El Jamal
Zeynep Topal

The Proposal

To facilitate web 3.0 decentralized payments and allow for the creation, monetization, purchase, and sale of digital assets, a design-focused asset generator can be developed. This generator will serve as a metaverse ATM, dispensing a variety of digital products such as avatars, wearables, spaces, and event tickets that can be owned as NFTs. Customers can then use or sell these NFTs on any metaverse platform or NFT marketplace. Emirates NBD can benefit by collecting a royalty fee on all NFT trades, providing a perpetual source of revenue.