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Enter a World Beyond Reality: Experience the Unlimited Possibilities of Optiverse
Optiverse is a cutting-edge metaverse designed to offer users a fully immersive experience. The platform features a variety of virtual spaces, including galleries, exhibitions, meeting rooms, interactive display units, and advertisement billboards. Additionally, Optiverse has a trade center and portals that connect to the three divisions of the Optima consortium - The Salon, Sensory and Syndicate. Whether you're looking to showcase your work, host a virtual event, or simply explore the wonders of this digital world, Optiverse is the perfect destination.



Optiverse is the first web-based metaverse created by Illusorr for Optima, a consortium of three companies, The Salon, Sensory, and Syndicate. It is designed to provide functional metaverse spaces, where each of the three main divisions of the company can showcase their services individually. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to virtual environments, Optiverse offers a unique and immersive experience that combines the physical and digital worlds. Get ready to explore the future of technology, art, and design in this one-of-a-kind virtual world!


The Optiverse Avatars, known as "The Optimians," are a futuristic and cutting-edge representation of corporate avatars in the metaverse. With sleek designs inspired by the concept of orbits, these avatars provide a unique and modern representation of corporate identity in the virtual world.


The male version of the avatar is characterized by a striking gold color and a screen on the face, which enables interactive communication with other users


The female version of the avatar is characterized by a striking silver color and a screen on the face, which enables interactive communication with other users

Experience the power of three: Optima's consortium of The Salon, Sensory, and Syndicate

Optima is the ever-evolving genesis of the many orbits energizing and synergizing expanding ecosystems. The three growing orbits of Optima includes: The Salon, Sensory and Syndicate focusing on business alliances, thought leadership and creative projects inclusively

Transcending traditional boundaries by synergic value creation together through the symphony of synchronicity. Optima blends disciplines, crossgenerations, sectors and geographies, energizing to cultivate many mesmerizing molecular moments manifesting in momentum.

Sensory is an integrated design-concept hub that is felt and driven by innovation, affiliating with creativity at large. In the intersection of Art, Architecture and Engineering, Sensory develops innovative concepts for bespoke projects. By having the power of a multi-disciplinary cross-sectoral team, Sensory is capable to deliver any kind of creative idea from concept to project.

Derived from this great historical importance, the modern-day Salon reignites the greatest elements from the ‘age of conversation and exchange’ through developing innovative collaborations with academic, entrepreneurial, cultural and philanthropic partners courting “business and purpose” together through a series of high-level events and initiatives focused on thought leadership, impact and innovation.

Syndicate is a fintech-driven business hub that aims to connect communities, projects, and platforms to form valuable business relationships. This division provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to thrive, from start-ups to established enterprises, by providing innovative solutions for connecting businesses and capital. With an emphasis on creating an inclusive environment, Syndicate creates opportunities for businesses to collaborate and grow through shared resources, knowledge, and experiences.


Sara El Jamal
Oleg Soroko
Begum Aydinoglu
Zeynep Topal
Lara Al Jamal
Furkan Şahin
Kıvılcım Yavuz

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