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ABB Robotics and Illusorr have come together to create an innovative project - the world's first robot-painted art car using ABB's award-winning PixelPaint technology.



Illusorr has collaborated with ABB Robotics to create innovative and technologically advanced art using their PixelPaint system. Utilizing genetic algorithms and HoudiniFX software, Illusorr generates AI-powered designs inspired by nature and mapped out by the robotic system. This results in efficient production with three colors and two primary parameters, velocity and noise map. The collaboration between Illusorr and ABB Robotics represents a cutting-edge approach to design, offering adaptable variations and a new methodology in avant-garde art.

Where Digital Meets Physical: A Fusion of Computational Design and Robotic Manufacturing

A collaborative strategic partnership between Illusorr, ABB, and other artists is a union of expertise, skills, and resources, aimed at achieving a common goal.

ABB Robotics is a prominent player in the world of robotics and machine automation, providing an extensive and integrated product portfolio that includes robots, AMRs (autonomous mobile robots), and machine automation solutions, all of which are engineered and managed with cutting-edge software.

A Design-Oriented Metaverse Company.

Advait is a 7-year-old painting prodigy who has been creating art since he was a year old. He has a remarkable imagination and uses colors and combinations that are mature beyond his years. His passion for art continues to grow every day with dedication.


Oleg Soroko
Sara El Jamal
Zeynep Topal

The Artwork

The art piece was created using genetic algorithms inspired by nature and the car's movement, and was designed with the help of HoudiniFX, a software that enables algorithmic scripting to generate unique forms.The genetic algorithms generated various morphologies, which were then adapted to a form the robotic system could understand and reproduce. The ABB Robotics team mapped out a tool path based on these curves, allowing the robot to produce the artwork efficiently.

The Artist

Oleg Soroko is a talented artist and computational designer, and is one of the co-founders of ILLUSORR. As the art director of the company, he is known for his innovative and artistic work using procedural methods. With his skills in 3D character creation, space design, and the creation of beautiful artistic pieces, Soroko has established himself as a leading figure in the industry. His expertise in using procedural workflows to bring his artistic vision to life has earned him recognition and accolades from peers and clients alike.