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Experience the future of broadcasting with the world's first metaverse platform designed by TRT. Immerse yourself in a virtual world of entertainment and information.



TRT Metaverse is an innovative virtual platform created by the Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT) that provides an immersive experience for users. It is designed to serve as a broadcasting metaverse, featuring a wide range of interactive features and opportunities for users to engage with TRT content and programs in a virtual environment. The platform offers a new way to experience and connect with TRT's offerings, blurring the line between traditional broadcasting and the world of virtual reality.



TRT Bot is a robotic avatar designed for the TRT (Turkish Radio Television Corporation) Metaverse platform. These avatars are categorized based on the 7 channels of TRT and feature a screen on their faces that enables users to project emoticons. The TRT Bot represents a unique and interactive way to experience the TRT Metaverse.


The TRT Arabic Male Bot Avatar is an innovative AI-powered digital companion designed to help users navigate the exciting world of metaverse broadcasting. With its sleek and futuristic design, the bot is a sophisticated tool that provides users with a smooth and intuitive experience as they explore the many channels and offerings of TRT. Whether you're looking to learn more about the latest trends in broadcasting or simply want to engage with like-minded individuals, the TRT Arabic Male Bot Avatar is the perfect guide for anyone looking to dive into the exciting world of metaverse technology.


The TRT Female Bot avatar is a cutting-edge AI assistant designed to guide users into the world of metaverse broadcasting. With a sleek and futuristic design, this avatar represents the TRT Arabic brand and offers users a unique and personalized experience as they explore the many features of the TRT Metaverse. Whether it's through its advanced screen technology, which allows for the projection of emoticons, or its ability to help users navigate the 7 channels of TRT, the TRT Female Bot avatar is a powerful tool for anyone looking to experience the future of broadcasting.

Bringing the past, present, and future of broadcasting to life in the Metaverse: Illusorr, TRT, and ME Creative Agency unite

Illusorr and ME Creative Agency have joined forces to bring forth the TRT Metaverse.

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation is the national public broadcaster of Turkey, founded in 1964.

Design-Oriented Metaverse Company

World's first Metaverse Oriented Creative Technology Agency ME is on VR, AR and all blockchain platforms!


Sara El Jamal
Begum Aydinoglu
Zeynep Topal
Lara Al Jamal
Furkan Şahin
Kıvılcım Yavuz

The Hall

The TRT Hall is the starting point for users as they enter the TRT Metaverse. It features an interactive dashboard that provides access to the latest news and stories. The space is designed to resemble a film roll, showcasing both the past and the future. Users can teleport to other spaces from here, allowing them to explore the world of metaverse broadcasting. The design concept is meant to be immersive and engaging, inviting users to delve into the rich world of TRT.