There has been a transition happening around the world, and in the year 2020 things accelerated. The COVID-induced global lockdown is an event that will be remembered in the history books as one of the most pivotal moments humanity has ever encountered. And as humans try to adapt to this new normal, everyone has now discovered the pertinence of the virtual world. Architects and designers have always been the leaders of designing physical reality, now it is our duty to make the transition into also designing the virtual realm.

ILLUSORR is the world’s first design-oriented virtual platform. Doing what has never been done before by providing an immersive experience that is completely conceived, planned, and executed by creatives with ‘design’ as a main priority. The extended reality sector is currently dominated by the aerospace, defense, gaming, movie and entertainment, healthcare, and tourism industries. Designers need to lead this exponential growth of VR and design the future virtual worlds.

The platform ILLUSORR is providing will introduce the world to the latest frontiers of design, and provide a completely immersive experience that will include; fashion shows, exhibitions, showrooms, virtual stores, workshops, competitions, talks, and even concerts! It is a platform that will allow virtual gatherings and interactions, using uniquely designed avatars, and moving beyond the 2d-webcam configuration that has become custom.

The virtual world includes objects, spaces, and interactions, which in the physical world are usually conceived by designers. ILLUSORR takes full advantage of the latest approaches within avant-garde architecture, to design an environment like never experienced before. Designers are transitioning from the once-revered Platonic solids to more algorithm generated forms, as seen in nature, and ILLUSORR aims to showcase this transition and beyond.

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