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Design-Oriented Metaverse Company

Combining the physical world with the virtual world and creating unique spaces and experiences.

The Vision

The vision of Illusorr for the metaverse centers around the principles of interoperability, verified creators, and curated experiences. They believe in creating a digital world where different virtual environments and platforms can seamlessly interact and exchange data, allowing for a seamless and unified experience for users. They also place a strong emphasis on verifying the authenticity and quality of content created by digital creators, ensuring that users have access to only the best and most innovative experiences. And finally, they strive to curate a rich and diverse range of experiences, carefully selecting and promoting only the most meaningful and impactful content to ensure that users have access to the most captivating and engaging digital experiences possible. With their focus on these key principles, Illusorr is working towards building a more robust and dynamic metaverse for users around the world.


The founders of Illusorr are recognized as pioneers in the fields of design, art, and technology. They are particularly known for their expertise as creative architects and computational designers in the metaverse and in the realm of phdigital. They bring a unique blend of skills and experience to the table, combining their knowledge of architecture, design, and technology to create innovative and immersive experiences for the digital world. Their ability to utilize cutting-edge technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning sets them apart as leaders in their industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the creation of new digital environments. They are seen as visionary thinkers who are driving the future of design and technology in the metaverse.


Sara El Jamal is the co-founder and CEO of Illusorr. She holds a Master's degree in Architectural Design from UCL Bartlett, where she studied under Marcos Cruz and Richard Beckett of Biota Lab. As a computational architect and designer, Sara's interests lie in the intersection of design and technology, specifically in the areas of computational and procedural design. In 2017, she founded Nodes Design, a non-profit organization focused on education, where she held workshops in Europe and the Middle East. Sara also has experience in the events industry, having worked in operations for Flash Entertainment in Abu Dhabi, where she was involved in major events such as Pope Francis, Expo Dubai, National Day, and MOTN.


Begum Aydinoglu is the Cofounder and COO of Illusorr. Begum is an award-winning architect, computational designer, urbanist and academic, uniting cross-disciplinary collaboration to enhance cutting-edge interrelationship between art, design, architecture, engineering, and virtual reality. She received her postgraduate Architecture and Urbanism M.


Oleg Soroko is a talented artist and computational designer, and is one of the co-founders of ILLUSORR. As the art director of the company, he is known for his innovative and artistic work using procedural methods. With his skills in 3D character creation, space design, and the creation of beautiful artistic pieces, Soroko has established himself as a leading figure in the industry. His expertise in using procedural workflows to bring his artistic vision to life has earned him recognition and accolades from peers and clients alike.


Hamid Hassanzadeh is an Iranian architect, entrepreneur, researcher, and speaker. Since he graduated from architectural engineering in 2012, he has worked on multiple projects in Iran, Turkey, Russia, Kuwait, and the USA. Early in 2016, he established the ParametricArchitecture platform by starting it from Instagram. ParametricArchitecture, an Istanbul-based company also known as PA, has become a globally recognized platform that promotes parametric and computation in design with more than 1.2M+ audiences across the globe.

During the past several years, Hamid has conducted dozens of workshops, conferences, events and hold many interviews to help the culture. He is also the founder of PAACADEMY, an educational organization powered by PA to spread the idea of computation in architecture. Hamid is the host of the PA Talks, a podcast series that interviewed many world-renowned architects about their works, methodologies, and visions for the future.


Faisal UK is the co-founder and CRO of Illusorr. With a background in architecture and construction, his interests lie in community building. He served as the creative director at ARK and is a partner in a Nigerian construction company called Design and Build LTD. Faisal brings a unique blend of architectural and construction experience, as well as community building acumen, to the Illusorr team. He is dedicated to creating innovative digital experiences and his expertise in both the physical and virtual worlds will be a driving force in realizing Illusorr's vision for the metaverse.

The Team

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