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ILLUSORR Is Launching A Creators Collective Program

ILLUSORR is launching a Creators Collective Program to take designers through an in-depth workflow of creating specifically for the metaverse.

The program is catered towards Graphic Designers, 3D Graphic Renderers, Motion Designers, Character Designers, Computational Architects, Environment Designers, and 3D Modelers. It will take all participants through a complete metaverse workflow from brief development and concept to deployment and delivery.

ILLUSORR is looking for the most skilled, enthusiastic, and passionate architects, designers, and artists to join the program and develop their expertise among other metaverse experts and bring avant-garde design to the Web3 industry. Each successful applicant will get to work in a team of other creators with specific skillsets tackling multiple projects over 4 terms, and will be able to improve their specific skillset attuned for the metaverse, learn other required skillsets, and also learn how to oversee a project as Project Manager.

The Creators Collective Program also serves as a gateway to becoming a Verified Creator on the ILLUSORR Platform, and all participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded creator verification. Verified Creators on the ILLUSORR Platform will be able to work on ILLUSORR projects for global clients around the world, will be able to work on individual commissioned projects from users of the ILLUSORR Platform, and lastly will be able to create NFT collections and other meta-asset collaborations with ILLUSORR.

Creators Collective Program

Certification: Verified Creator

Duration: 3-6 months

Type: Part time

Format: Online (fully remote)

Language: English

Program Fee: Free

**NEW** Application Deadline: 9th December

**NEW** Start Date: 14th December

The program is completely free, but very selective, we’re only accepting the best designers. To apply please fill in the form.



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