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Meet The Verified Creators Hosting ILLUSORR's Metaverse Experiences

Metaverse experiences are the foundation of the metaverse, and the curation of these experiences are very important to us.

Experiences in the metaverse range from having virtual meetings that replace video calls, to virtual shopping to enhance online retail experiences.

On ILLUSORR's platform, these experiences can be accessed very easily on any device (PC, VR, AR, Web, Console, Tablet and Mobile). Also, because it is a web-based platform, you will not need to download any additional app or software to use it, you can access it anywhere, anytime via a simple link.

Each experience on the ILLUSORR platform is hosted by a Verified Creator that has been approved by ILLUSORR.

We’re pleased to welcome @PurpleDudeNFT as a Verified Creator on the ILLUSORR Platform !

@PurpleDudeNFT is a well known figure in the web3 space and has contributed a lot especially on Twitter where he is a leading voice with over 590k followers. He is also a popular YouTuber with over 290k followers who he teaches and keeps updated about web3 projects through reviews and other informative videos.

We’re pleased to welcome Jarrett Albritton as a Verified Creator on the ILLUSORR Platform !

After 15+ years in the Tech Industry (IBM, WalkMe™, ClearSlide) as an Enterprise Account Executive, Jarrett is now launching, which is the premier place for companies to find talented black freelance talent, and the go to place for black freelancers to find opportunities. This venture stems from Jarrett’s calling: promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Tech space, which resulted from becoming a fast-growing Tech Influencer during the pandemic, amassing 120K+ followers across his social media channels, while helping 200+ people from diverse backgrounds find tech jobs through his social audio rooms on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

The work that he’s done in the Diversity in Tech space has led to him being featured in NASDAQ, AfroTech, as well as being named Black in HR’s Tech Recruiting Influencer of the Year in 2021.


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