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SkitRobots x ILLUSORR Partnership

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with SkitRobots to do a series of collab giveaways of free MetaGenus HS 1 and SkitRobots NFTs!

The word 'skit' has several meanings and one of them is "a satirical or humorous story or sketch". They design these SkitRobots so individuals can use them as their digital personas to play their part in the world as they see fit. In this era of the interweb and metaverses, most of us have built our digital selves and quite often anonymous personas. We use them to interact with others such as social media, forums, games, work, etc. We feel safe being behind an anonymous digital self which allows us to interact freely such as expressing our views on matters or playing games or sharing knowledge and more. With digital avatars, we leave behind the pitiful era of discrimination based on race, gender, and whatnot.

This collection is different compared to projects with randomly combined traits and their launch process was also different. All 2442 pieces are manually made by excellent artist Michal “McP” Prekop. He carefully made all robots one by one. No random combinations, no random mint! They listed them all on OpenSea.

3D modeled in Rhino 3D, Scene setup in Cinema4D, rendered with V-Ray. All done by artist McP.

Here is the first reveal of our collab with SkitRobots. This 1/1 SkitRobots-Rare will be given away to a lucky holder of the MetaGenus HS 1 NFT!

More details on how to enter will be revealed very soon, and you can listen to ILLUSORR's AMA on Twitter Spaces for a deep dive on the project and collab with the founder McP.

SkitRobots have also designed a custom branded 1/420 SkitRobot (Collab NFT) for ILLUSORR, minted 420 times, with 2 utilities. We will be offering the first 20 as free giveaways for lucky holders of the MetaGenus HS 1 NFT, and the remaining 400 airdrops will be offered only to mutual holders who own 1x SkitRobot & 1x MetaGenus HS 1 on a first come first serve basis.

SkitRobots Collab NFTs have partial utilities such as Special role in community (Skit-Citizen), access to private channels & Owner's Club for early previews, potential discount in Skitverse collections. All utilities are linked to Partner’s prime collection that is SkitRobots. (

We have a lot of very exciting collabs and announcements with SkitRobots coming in the future that we know you will love! More details on how to enter will be revealed very soon, and you can listen to ILLUSORR's AMA on Twitter Spaces for a deep dive on the project and collab with the founder McP.

The first ILLUSORR NFT project MetaGenus HS 1 will be a genesis collection of "The First 1000" uniquely designed avatars that will forever be remembered as the first 1000 avatars made by ILLUSORR for the ILLUSORR Platform, as it is etched in the blockchain.

The NFTs are all 3D avatars that are fully rigged and animated ready for the metaverse, and most importantly are completely interoperable, meaning holders can take them to any metaverse platform and use them there too!

MetaGenus HS 1 NFT holders will benefit from various perks and utilities, which will increase in number over time, from priority access and drops, to platform launches, free education and events. Each holder of MetaGenus HS 1 will also be airdropped 4 free avatars from the next collection called ILLUBeings, so when you buy 1 NFT you're actually buying 5 in total!

To stay updated on the giveaway details, follow SkitRobots on Twitter and ILLUSORR on Twitter, and also join SkitRobots' Discord and ILLUSORR's Discord.


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