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Transitioning to Metaverse - Horasis Global Meeting 2022

ILLUSORR's Co-founder / COO Begüm Aydınoğlu joined the Horasis panel to discuss the transition to the metaverse alongside other XR founders, and chaired by Founder / CEO of EndeavorVR, Amy Peck.

It is accepted by Meta that it is early days yet, but the Metaverse is said to be the future. It presently appears to be high-sci-fi demanding considerable computing power. There is no lack of computing power, but a lack of a development map – how would that affect your business strategy? How do you see Meta disrupting your business? Will this be a revolution as is Tesla in the realm of the combustion engine?

• Begum Aydinoglu, Co-founder, ILLUSORR, Canada

• Sam Glassenberg, Founder/CEO, Level Ex, USA

• Dan Mapes, Founder,, USA

• Philip Weights, President, Swiss Finance + Technology Association, Switzerland

Chaired by

• Amy Peck, Founder/CEO, EndeavorVR, USA


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