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TRT Enters The Metaverse With ILLUSORR And ME Metaverse Agency

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with ME Metaverse Agency to design the groundbreaking and revolutionary TRT METAVERSE Project. This is the world's first ever public broadcasting metaverse platform, for TRT (Turkish Radio Television Corporation), one of the leading public broadcasters in the world.

This monumental project was announced during the TRT International Metaverse and Broadcasting Forum in Istanbul, on June 10th, 2022. The event hosted a panel of experts, the ILLUSORR and ME founding teams, as well as opening speeches made by TRT Director General Mehmet Zahid Sobaci and Presidency’s Director of Communications, Fahrettin Altun.

TRT METAVERSE Platform is a virtual environment and experience that will pioneer a new realm for media and broadcasting, transitioning the industry fully into the metaverse. It is the world’s first fully functional radio and television broadcasting platform in the metaverse, paving the way and creating a new frontier for broadcasting around the world. It is an immersive experience designed by ILLUSORR, in partnership with the world's first metaverse-oriented creative technology agency, ME. It will include uniquely designed spaces that host a range of different functions: lounge, store, auditorium, gallery, studio, and broadcast space.

The platform will be fully accessible on all devices (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Console, VR Headset). The events hosted on the platform can be experienced live in the metaverse using uniquely designed avatars. Users can interact and communicate with each other using the chat tool, audio, or even more seamlessly using a VR headset.

The project aims to translate the rich technological, artistic, architectural, and intellectual heritage of Turkey into a design masterpiece that ushers the media and broadcasting enterprise into the metaverse. The form is generated using the latest methodologies in the frontiers of architecture to continue the legacy of the pioneers that built great historical structures of this land, in a modern context.

TRT Avatars

Avatars act as human representatives in the metaverse; they communicate the words, thoughts, expressions, and emotions of humans in a virtual context. They act as an evolution of the computer screen (and profile picture) in a robotic, 3D form to give a more human-centric experience. The color segmentations correspond to the different channels, and are distinguished according to gender (male and female), with detail/color on the helmet. All the functions are visible on the helmet screens including: Emojis, Voice, Chat, and Camera Share.


The lounge area is the main spawn point for avatars as they enter the TRT METAVERSE Platform, as well as an information center, with dashboard, globe, and media stands.


The store is an innovative metaverse retail space that allows users to make purchases directly in the metaverse using their avatars. It is designed with unique display units and capsules, showcasing monumental moments in history and journalism.


The auditorium is an important gathering space for live events where the hosts and panelists present and engage live with the audience members. It features a round stage with lighting, screens on the back wall, a hovering TRT logo, and concentric seating arrangement for 360 views.


The gallery will house the teleportation portals for all the channels, and act as the main access point for the multiple worlds. It is designed with a seamless surface, and with a simple selection of the logo channel the avatar is teleported to that world to begin the experience.


The studio space features a green screen wall as a backdrop for fully customizable backgrounds and environments that can be changed live. The space will also have a control panel for real-time changes of the background and lighting, as well as hovering seats.


The broadcasting studio is a newsroom that features the essential components for full scale local and international broadcasting, fully equipped with multiple screens, holograms, TRT branding, and a state-of-the-art news desk.

The execution of this project is testament to the collaborative necessity between a metaverse design/technology company and a creative/technology agency. ILLUSORR, as the leading design-oriented metaverse company, contributes the deep understanding and research of social interactions within (virtual) space, and creating experiences adapted to the latest technologies, accessibilities, and devices available to users. ME, being the world's first metaverse-oriented creative technology agency, brings a decade long expertise in client needs, company branding, and negotiating creative ideas to turn them into immersive experiences that reflect the brand identity. This partnership is paving the way for the future of large scale metaverse projects like TRT METAVERSE Platform.

About TRT

Turkish Radio and Television Corporation is the national public broadcaster of Turkey. TRT was founded in 1964 and had its first TV broadcast in 1968. It’s one of the founding members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in 1972. TRT also signed Asia-Pacific Broadcast Union (ABU) in 2004. It owns and operates 14 TV channels - of which 5 are HD - and 19 radio stations covering general entertainment, music, sports, children and news. TRT has TV channels in Turkish, English, Arabic, Azeri and Kurdish languages. All TRT channels are governed by RTUK (The Radio and Television Supreme Council) aligned and in accordance with the European Convention on Transfrontier TV.

About ME Metaverse Agency

World's first Metaverse Oriented Creative Technology Agency ME is on VR, AR and all blockchain platforms! Standing out from its competitors worldwide, having its own blockchain-based and design-oriented metaverse infrastructure, ME allows brands to create metaverse infrastructures and create branded experiences, spaces, designs and collaborations within their existing infrastructure. Serving its brands together with its global business partners, ME is World’s first Meta & Metaverse agency that acts with decentralized dynamics and meta collaborations in the Metaverse universe, which is the successor of the internet and is described as the “rebirth” of the digital world & traditional economy.


ILLUSORR is the world’s first design-oriented metaverse platform. Transitioning the physical world to the virtual world by creating unique spaces and experiences. ILLUSORR is reimagining the once fragmented virtual reality industry as an all-in-one platform offering a fully immersive metaverse experience. Accessible via PC, VR, AR, Web, Console, Tablet and Mobile, it will offer customizable avatars, NFT marketplace, verification, social interactivity, home spaces, communities, retail, events, virtual estate, and much more.

In addition to building a metaverse platform, ILLUSORR Studio also helps brands, public figures, corporations, and government clients to transition to the metaverse, working with companies such as TRT, BMW, ABB, and Hermitage Museum. The ILLUSORR Team is currently located in over 10 countries, across 4 continents - a diverse group of experts, delivering high quality projects, connecting through the metaverse.



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