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Experience the Future Today: Welcome to Pylon World
PYLON is ILLUSORR’s first virtual world built to host a unique metaverse event that featured artists, designers, special guests, and corporations like BMW who showcased their iX concept car. The 3-day event included virtual exhibitions, digital shows, fashion shows, talk shows, and even DJ sets (parties) at the end of each night.



Pylon World is the first virtual immersive world created by Illusorr, a metaverse platform. It serves as the headquarters of Illusorr in the metaverse and offers a unique experience for users to explore and interact with the digital world.

The world is designed with a blend of physical and digital elements, showcasing the capabilities of Illusorr's technology and creativity. It is a hub for users to experience various products, services, and events, showcasing the potential of the metaverse for both individuals and businesses. Pylon World is the gateway to a new era of digital interaction, and it invites users to join in the experience and explore its offerings.



RIIA is the first avatar designed by Oleg Soroko for the Illusorr metaverse platform's world, Pylon. Its concept is derived from Illusorr's branding of fluid noise, a unique blend of motion and unpredictability that represents the dynamic nature of the metaverse.


The RIIA avatars are designed to be optimized for the highest performance, meaning that they are created to be visually stunning while also being efficient and lightweight. This optimization makes them ideal for use in gaming and other real-time applications where performance is critical.


Each avatar in the collection is distinct and features a unique set of colors, patterns, and textures. They range in style from abstract and geometric to more organic and naturalistic designs. Overall, the RIIA avatar collection is a visually stunning and technologically impressive set of digital avatars that showcases the power of procedural generation and the artistry of Oleg Soroko.

ILLUSORR launch Event

The Illusorr launch event was a virtual event that took place in 2020 during the pandemic. It was a global gathering of multidisciplinary creatives from all around the world who came together to showcase their talents and share their experiences. The event featured a diverse range of artists, musical artists, designers, and architects, who shared their work and insights on various creative topics.
Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Illusorr launch event was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of virtual events to connect creatives from around the world and showcase the potential of digital art and technology.

BMW IX CAR Featured in PYLON

OUCHHH showcased Datamonolith_AI/ Architecture Data Sculpture installation in Pylon

Dimitry Redko, an Electronic music artist performed at Pylon Launch Event.

Ahmed Romel, a trance music producer performed at Pylon Launch Event.

Ema Jolly, an electronic music artist, created musical scores for Ken Kelleher's installations within the Pylon world.

Pokras Lampas Art is showcased at illusorr Pylon world.

Oleg Soroko, the founder of ILLUSORR, created a procedural artistic world for ILLUSORR’s launch event

Cyril lancelin Art installtions are presented at Pylon World.

ICA & KOSTIKA showcased their 3D printed footwear at Pylon.

Ken Kelleher displayed his art installations both at Pylon and in his own virtual world.

Arturo Tadeschi presented his innovative concept vehicle at the Pylon World, Illusorr's headquarters and first virtual world in the metaverse.

Manuel Garcia presented his pavilion installation at Pylon.


Oleg Soroko
Sara El Jamal
Marc Haddad
Begum Aydinoglu
Hamid Hassanzadeh
Faisal UK

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